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Employment and Labor Law / Employer and Employee Representation

Litigation Experience

In its Alabama employment and labor law practice, Mr. Greer and the Firm have decades of  experience successfully representing employers and employees in State and Federal court litigation and in Federal administrative proceedings.

Active Dispute Resolution

However, the Firm’s focus has shifted over the years from actively litigating disputes between employers and employees to working diligently to resolve disputes involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination without the necessity of litigation.  In virtually every case, employment disputes that begin with litigation end with some form of mutually beneficial settlement agreement.  It is often appealing to one or both sides of these disputes (or their lawyers) to embark on a course of aggressive litigation, discovery, and depositions; but, in the end, after potentially years of stress, expense, and uncertainty, most  employees and the employers ultimately resolve their differences without a final court ruling or a jury verdict.

Employers Only

While hotly contested litigation is often necessary when one party is intransigent, or when the relevant facts or applicable law create truly genuine issues, economics usually prevails in the end after the parties endure avoidable delay and expense in litigation.  The Firm now seeks to chart a different course by representing employers only in their quest to avoid the cost and expense of litigation.  The Firm does not represent employees in connection with discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination claims.

The Firm also represents employers only in connection with investigations commenced by the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor into employee claims for overtime and minimum wage violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employees Only – Non-compete Agreements

The Firm represents employees and independent contractors only in connection with disputes arising from agreements or contracts containing non-compete, confidentiality, and non-disclosure provisions that seek to restrict a worker’s right to communicate with third parties or to pursue other work-related opportunities.  Among other specific contract-related considerations, this often involves an analysis of a lengthy list of factors designed to assist in the determination of whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor.

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