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Converting Client Objectives Into Successful Outcomes

Richard Greer has established a successful track record of finding solutions to difficult legal issues and of competently litigating and resolving bitterly contested business and commercial disputes in state and federal courts throughout Alabama. However, with the passage of time, finding solutions and achieving successful results tend to become more challenging and more expensive. Depending on the type of dispute you have , delay in seeking a solution, pursuing a claim, or responding to a demand letter or lawsuit may result in the loss of valuable rights or irreversible damage to vital business interests.

Whether you have a complex business matter or commercial dispute involving numerous parties and issues, an unpaid business debt owed by a single party, or a legal problem anywhere in between, please contact me and request a consultation. You have come this far. Please take the next step so that a tailored strategy may be developed and implemented to preserve your legal rights, achieve your business objectives, and protect your best interests.

There is a "Contact Our Firm" form on this page. To request the Firm's assistance with your dispute, please complete and transmit this form electronically, a process that will only take a few minutes. It will be reviewed promptly, after which you will receive either a reply via email or a phone call. Alternatively, you may call the Firm for an initial telephone consultation. Thank you.

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