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Alabama Residential, Commercial and Public Works Projects

In its Alabama construction law and litigation practice, the Firm represents owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and rental companies in connection with claims and disputes arising from residential, commercial and public works construction projects in Alabama. The Firm provides general advice relating to issues that develop during and after the completion of construction projects and files and defends lawsuits relating to the following issues:

  • Enforcement of mechanics’ liens and materialmen’s liens
  • Collection of unpaid debts arising from contributions of labor, materials and rental equipment
  • Defective construction, materials and workmanship
  • Foundation and water infiltration problems
  • Rights and remedies under residential, commercial and government construction contracts
  • Rights and remedies under payment and performance bonds relating to public and private construction projects
  • Rights and remedies under the Miller Act (Federal Projects), the Alabama Little Miller Act (Alabama Public Projects), and the Alabama Prompt Pay Act
  • Miscellaneous claims and disputes relating to or arising from construction projects

Act Promptly

If you or your business have encountered a problem relating to a residential, commercial or public works project in Alabama, or if you believe a problem is developing, then it is extremely important that you learn about your rights, obligations and responsibilities immediately from an Alabama construction lawyer. While it is certainly possible to resolve some problems on your own, it is equally possible that you may be facing a legal issue that could get worse unexpectedly, making it more difficult and more expensive to resolve; and time may be working against you.

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If you need an experienced, competent and effective Alabama construction lawyer who will identify and diligently protect your company’s vital interests, provide aggressive representation, render cost-effective legal services, and maintain an extremely high level of professional responsiveness and accessibility during the course of representation, then please contact me today so the Firm can start fighting for you tomorrow.

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