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Alabama Business and Commercial Litigation / Creditors’ Rights

In its Alabama business litigation and Alabama commercial litigation practice, the Firm represents individuals and international, national, regional and local companies in state and federal courts throughout Alabama. Whether a legal dispute has developed in a two-party transaction or a complex, multi-party transaction involving long-term, ongoing business relationships, the Firm has the experience, competence and tenacity to successfully litigate and resolve a diverse array of business disputes, including the following:

  • Breach of contract disputes and litigation

  • Business broker disputes and litigation

  • Business partnership and shareholder disputes and litigation

  • Business sale disputes and litigation

  • Business torts litigation, e.g., fraud, interference with contract and deceptive trade practices

  • Commercial sales disputes and litigation

  • Commercial lease and leasing disputes and litigation

  • Debtor/creditor disputes and litigation

  • Manufacturer/distributor disputes and litigation

  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure disputes and litigation

  • Unpaid sales commission disputes and litigation

Where appropriate, the Firm also litigates personal jurisdiction issues involving non-resident defendants.

In each case, whether representing a plaintiff or defendant, the Firm develops and implements a coherent, common sense strategy that is tailored to achieve the client's objectives without adding unnecessary or unproductive layers of personnel. The Firm is outcome and team oriented from day one and continuously seeks to return the greatest value possible, while at the same time staying keenly focused on the client's primary interests and objectives. The overriding goal is to deliver the value, services and results expected from an experienced lawyer; and the key component in reaching that goal is clear, frequent and responsive communication with each client.

The Greer Law Firm

Alabama Commercial Collections and Creditors' Rights Lawyer

In its Alabama commercial collections and creditors' rights practice, the Firm handles virtually every kind of claim between commercial debtors and creditors, including the following:

  • Debts arising from the sale of businesses located in Alabama
  • Debts arising from the sale of goods or equipment to Alabama businesses

  • Debts arising from contracts and agreements, including commercial leases, construction contracts, loan agreements, personal guarantees and promissory notes

  • Fraud and misrepresentation arising from the submission of false or misleading financial information

  • Piercing the corporate veil

  • Setting aside fraudulent transfers of property

  • Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act claims

The passage of time quickly erodes a commercial creditor's ability to collect a debt; and delay also tends to increase attorney's fees and the costs of collection. It is therefore critical that prompt steps be taken to secure payment when a commercial debt becomes past due.

Relevant Bar, Section and Committee Memberships

Richard Greer, the principal of the Firm, is a member of the American Bar Association's Business Law Section (Committee: Business & Corporate Litigation), Litigation Section (Committees: Business Torts; Pretrial Practice & Discovery; Trial Evidence) and Tort & Insurance Practice Section (Committees: Business Litigation), and a member of the Alabama State Bar's Litigation Section and Federal Court Practice Section.

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