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Business, Contract and Employment Dispute Law Firm

The Greer Law Firm, P.C., is a business law firm that has a lengthy track record of cost-effectively evaluating and resolving business, contract, and employment disputes that arise in the State of Alabama between businesses and individuals. The specific industry or sector of the economy does not matter; it is the dispute that matters. Over the course of his career, Mr. Greer has demonstrated consistent competence, skill and common sense in achieving successful outcomes for a diverse, nationwide client base in a wide array of contentious business, contract, and employment disputes. During that period, including litigation and other law practice areas, he has represented individuals and businesses having residences or principal places of business in 38 states.

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The Firm’s Philosophy

Listen, Analyze & Exercise
Common Sense

Mr. Greer has litigated extensively in State and Federal courts in Alabama. However, after decades of engaging in hotly contested and often extremely expensive litigation, he has come to appreciate and put a premium on early, focused and thoughtful analysis that is specifically designed to resolve a dispute early where possible, and, most importantly, to avoid or minimize the likelihood of litigation. Too often lawyers act impulsively and opt for litigation first as a strategy to resolve disputes; but, although litigation may be inevitable in some cases, a litigation-first strategy is typically wrongheaded, misguided, and not in the client’s best interests.

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What You Can Expect From the Firm

Listening and problem solving are two of the most important components of a lost art among lawyers. But when properly and timely embraced by lawyers, that lost art usually reduces costs, fees, stress, and what seems to most clients, whether individuals or businesses, to be a never-ending black hole of misery. Through the years, experience has taught Mr. Greer that listening to the client, reviewing all relevant documents, and engaging in an early and thoughtful analysis of the facts, while not exciting, is a lawyer's paramount obligation to a client. The Firm has the knowledge, analytical ability and experience to develop an effective strategy to fit each client’s case, budget and objectives, and to make strategically sound recommendations at all phases of a business, contract, or employment dispute.

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Richard D.Greer

For over thirty years, Richard Greer has been using effective communication skills, realistic analysis, thorough preparation, and diligent advocacy to consistently achieve his client's objectives.

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